Monday, January 20, 2014

Mixed Bag

Trying something new - or is it?

Zentangles seems to be something that a lot of people are trying out so thought I'd try something "new". But is it really?

I've been doing this for years ever since I was little. Whenever I am bored I just start doodling. At least that's what I call it. I never knew my "patterns" had a name - Zentangles.

So here's one of mine. Not perfect, but then are they meant to be? (Note to self - buy a set of quality pens)

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge - Family

I got these 2 very cute Japanese dolls for Christmas from my daughter. I love these dolls, they're so cute and a perfect addition to my collection.

And here is my "family" of Japanese dolls. 

Thursday Challenge - Distant (things photographed from afar)

Some days ago I saw some diggers in the distance so looks like they're clearing more land for houses. Haven't seen them since but now I see a camper-van, bins etc. They're probably ready to start building.

So here is a picture of the camper-van taken from afar and another picture to bring some perspective to the distance.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Beginning - Finding Joy

Finding joy in all in 2014

At the start of each year I set a word and watch it unfold through the year.  Last year my word was "Abundance". It was interesting to reflect back on the year and look at how abundance crept into my world. 

But my word for 2014 is Joy which came to me in the form of a Christmas ornament that I hung on my window. So this year I intend to find joy in all things, to live in joy.

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.
~ Kahlil Gibran

So to start off the year, here are some things that brought me joy ...

The farmer's market yesterday was buzzing. There were so many people around, some were even strumming their guitars and singing. It really was a lovely day, a bit cloudy but with some blue skies as well. I guess the clouds were left over from the thunderstorm we had the day and night before.

And my mini Pohutukawa tree is in bloom . The Pohutakawa is called the NZ Christmas tree and it looks really pretty when it is in full bloom.

Wish you all many joys in 2014

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