Sunday, October 27, 2013

Honouring Pink

A very pink day at work

October 25 2013 was a very pink day at work for breast cancer awareness. Work pods were decorated in pink and we all wore pink clothes or had some element of pink on our attire. There was also a bake off and the theme was of course pink. I was tied up with some work so wasn't present for the bake off sampling so there are unfortunately no pictures of that.

It's a pity that not everyone at work participated in the pink theme. We all work very hard but it's also nice and respectful to participate for causes.

So here is the pink theme of my group. Best said of course as always in pictures.

these are a few of our favourite pinks 

Paper roses - so cleverly done

pink duckies 

some very clever artistry here

This is a day I do want to remember in honour of all breast cancer survivors, sufferers and those who lost their battle with it. 2 in my family are survivors and 1 succumbed to it - this post is for you all.

And keeping with the pink and work theme for the Thursday Challenge Landscape prompt, here is a picture I took a couple of months ago at the start of Winter from my workplace. (Added a pink hue to keep it in with the pink theme)


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A single photo capturing a moment 
A simple, special, extraordinary moment 
A moment I want to pause, savour and remember

Thursday Challenge
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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Bubbles are so hard to capture

(when the wind is blowing hard)

It turned out to be a pretty nice day today and the morning was bright and sunny albeit a bit windy.

And as I was catching up on my blogging and reading, I saw these bubbles rushing past my window. Some kids must've been having a blast. I enjoyed watching them too.

But capturing them on camera was another thing altogether. They were rushing by so fast in no particular direction which meant that when I pointed my camera in one direction they decided to fly away to the other.

But I did manage to capture a few - more by luck than design. Hope you can see them - some pictures marked with arrows.

And as the Thursday Challenge prompt is Monochrome ((Black and White, Sepia, Old Looking,...), I thought I would experiment with the picture above and convert it to black and white. I thought the bubbles are easier to see in colour though. What do you think?

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

What's the weather up to?

Weather can't make up its mind

Not sure what the weather was doing yesterday (Saturday).

It started out with rain - luckily it didn't rain too hard - as the market sojourn would not have been pleasant otherwise.

Then it fined up and the sun came out, the blue skies started showing through and it actually got quite warm. Will be a good day after all, I thought.

Not quite, the grey clouds rolled in and then it started misting over and it got quite dark. Then suddenly the mist lifted and the hills were visible again.

What was the weather up to? Changing its pattern constantly. Couldn't quite make up its mind.

And that is best told in pictures ... (taken over 3 hours)

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Unknown Mami


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