Sunday, November 8, 2015


Loved these quaint pavements in Portugal

You've probably figured out that I love armchair travelling. I've travelled to many places in the world and my trusty camera has captured weird and wonderful scenes.

A few day ago I was watching a show on the Living channel and came across Portugal. What a beautiful place. 

But the thing that caught my eye was these quaint pavements.

And now some quick fragments from my week

I finally backed up my computer. Thank goodness that was long overdue. I came across so many posts on facebook of computer crashes and I wasn't going to tempt fate.

Celebrated Diwali with friends today. We had some interesting conversations on Spirituality and the Universe. Some fascinating stories were exchanged.

But overall it was a pretty quiet week.

Hope you've had an interesting one.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Priceless and Precious

Priceless, Precious - Watching the ABs win

ABs = All Blacks, New Zealand's Rugby team

Once again it is party time for Kiwis. What a moment when Richie McCaw held the Rugby World Cup for the 2nd time back to back. First team to win back to back and first to win the Rugby World Cup three times.  What a sweet, precious and priceless moment. What an awesome game.

Unfortunately wasn't able to watch this at Twickenham, England so the next best thing is watching it live on TV.

So here are some pics, taken from the TV. I do a lot of armchair travelling, watching sports etc. Thank goodness for TV.

Twickenham stadium

National Anthems

All Blacks do the Haka 

Ma'a Nonu's try - my favourite moment in the game - it was sensational

Final Score

Richie McCaw holds the Rugby World Cup for the 2nd time in a row 
Priceless and Precious 

Richie McCaw and Dan Carter 

The Web Ellis Cup

And some other fragments of my week

Little sleep with my son staying up all night to around 4am all week. But the last assignment is in and a good night's sleep can resume,

My routine yearly blood test results arrived and relieved that all is normal. Thank goodness,

On the other hand, my car needed some repairs and now my credit card weeps. I think it's time for a new car. I've had this one for a long long time. A little sad as I love this car. 

Met up with some friends again for coffee, F and I love watching the planes at the airport so we spent a few fun hours there. And my Indian friend and I had lunch together and chatted about our childhood in India. 

And six little kids came trick or treating yesterday and they got some freddo frog milk chocolates from me. 

Hope you had a great week. Do share your highlights.

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