Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nurturing Nature

Appreciating whatever nature throws our way

Woke up yesterday morning and the hills had disappeared into the clouds. I could barely see the houses down the street and there was a slight drizzle.

I had to get to the hairdressers to have my hair trimmed and on a day like this I normally would've called and cancelled my appointment. But I had already postponed it twice so today was a "I must go" day.

Driving through that cloud was really hard especially when there were cars parked on the side where they came up suddenly because you had to get quite close before you could see them, and then there are some who were driving without lights! I couldn't believe that.

But I made it there, did my shopping as well and got home safely.

And then as I sat down to relax and watch the opening of the Winter Olympics, I suddenly thought, actually I was glad for the weather today. It's been so hot lately and today it cooled down to a comfortable level. And on a day like this it's just so nice to curl up and blob - something we need to do every now and then. btw, Saturday is my blob out day and weather like this is just perfect for blobbing out.

It's good for the plants and grass too as there was just a slight breeze and a drizzle. So I guess every cloud has a silver lining and I'm starting to appreciate whatever nature throws our way.

Here in Wellington we often complain about the wind as it is usually quite gusty, but there are of course benefits to a windy city - we have very little pollution, the air always smells clean and fresh and of course renewable energy. And if we're having a bad hair day, we can always blame the wind :D

yesterday - the hills had disappeared completely

today - the hills are starting to come into view again

Windmill at Wellington

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