About this blog

Photos are Fun (this blog), is where I share my photos taken over many years.

Photography for me is not about taking the perfect picture, it's about capturing a moment in time that you can remember forever.

The inspiration for this blog came when on my private blog a friend posted a comment to say that she would love to see my photos.

This blog is dedicated to my dear late father whose love for photography I share. He taught me to hold a camera when I was very little and patiently tried to explain the techniques of photography.

I have no understanding of the techniques of perfect photography, but I constantly remind myself of his words -

"photography is all about composition. your photo should tell your story."

I wish my dad was here to share this blog with me. Instead I share it with you and know that when it brings you joy, it would've brought him joy too.

I also write at Someday Somewhere and Reflections of my soul (my poems)

Have an awesome day.

Warm Regards



  1. sounds like you have such a great dad :)

    Thanks for visiting me! It was deeply appreciated.


  2. Oh! And this post reminded me of my love for my new father. My father-in-law who encouraged me and believed in me. He gifted me a very nice camera of which I took those pictures of.


  3. Thanks Myric. My dad was an amazing man. Have fun with your new camera.

  4. Hi Suzy! Thank you for showering your love and support on my blog. And to show my appreciation I’d like to nominate you for an award. Congrats........... http://taleoftwotomatoes.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/id-like-to-thank-my-hubby-my-parents-my-dog/

    1. Thanks so much Shalini. I am honoured and humbled.


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