Sunday, January 6, 2013

This Moment - Birds

This Moment - Soule Mama
A single photo capturing a moment
A simple, special, extraordinary moment
A moment I want to pause, savour and remember

I hope you had an awesome Christmas. Each year the gifts under the tree grow even though my friends and I have agreed not to give each other gifts but instead to meet up and have a chat over lunch or coffee in the week after Christmas. Meeting up and chatting with friends is the best gift for me.

Each year we invite a friend over for Christmas lunch or dinner - someone who has no one to spend Christmas with. It's our way of spreading the joy.

This year the friend brought a very unusual Christmas gift for us, but one that's given us a lot of joy and amusement.

This is the moment 
This is the time
When the momentum and the moment
Are in rhyme
Give me this moment
This momentous moment ...
(from Jekyll and Hyde)

Happy New Year to all



  1. What a brave bird! Such fun ... we just added some new feeders to our yard and I am enjoying the antics of the birds.

    It looks so GREEN in your world! sigh ...

    have a lovely week!

    1. Thanks Lis. Yep the cat looks pretty scary - the birds don't care. lol. I love watching them jostle for places! I hope you have a lovely week too.

  2. What a lovely post and a sweet gift (for you AND the birds!)! Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing the magic moments!

    1. Thanks Christy. Yes, I think the birds love it. lol.

  3. Happy new year to you too. I love spending time with friends over gifts too.

    1. Thanks Joyce. So much more rewarding than gifts.

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