Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thursday Challenge - The Best of 2011

Thursday Challenge - Best or favourite photo taken in 2011

I have so many favourite photos and to choose 1 is real hard so instead I'll choose a time of year that was truly magical.

It never snows in my city, but this year we had so much snow. It was great fun.  So here are some pics of snow covered hills. I love these pics.

I had so much fun building "frosty". I thought we'd make him real big but my hands froze!



  1. Beautiful images, Suzy. We had snow up here, too. I glanced at the mountain on the coldest morning and muttered it's so cold there could be snow up there but didn't really look, I was too busy running in and out of the house with water to get the ice off the car. A neighbour did and got a photo of it, which he sent to the Whangarei paper. Wonder if we'll ever see it again??!

  2. Thanks Pauline. The snow was awesome. I sure hope we'll see it again. It just looked like a different world.


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