Saturday, September 1, 2012

Focus on This Moment - Uni days again

This Moment - SouleMama
A single photo capturing a moment
A simple, special, extraordinary moment
A moment I want to pause, savour and remember

Focus on This - Photo Fun
The prompt is to use a photo editor and have some fun with your photo

Yesterday I took the day off from work to spend a day out with my son. 

We went to the University's open day. It was great to be around so many young people - such a high energy buzz there. Took me back to my university days. 

But more than that I had quality time with my son and I loved spending the day with him.

I didn't take my camera with me but we did pick up a lot of brochures. 

So here's a picture to remind me of the day and since we went to the school of architecture I thought I'd have fun with my photo and make something abstract.

This is the moment
This is the time
When the momentum and the moment
Are in rhyme
Give me this moment
This momentous moment ...
(from Jekyll and Hyde)



  1. This is indeed the moment. Lovely post Suzy

    1. Thanks Kelly. It is one I want to remember forever. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. So nice to be able to spend a day with your son at his university. It is fun being around young people and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    I like your abstract photo. Very clever and very nice.

    1. Thanks Darlene. It was really awesome being around them - it brought a spring back into my step.

  3. Quality time with your son is so important. :)

    1. It sure is LindyLou. They grow up so fast.


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