Sunday, September 7, 2014


Universe conspires to bring things together

And what's that got to do with Hanuman?  And who is Hanuman?

Hanuman was an ape-like humanoid who came to help and was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. Hindu's now revere him as a God. He is usually found in pictures and idols as praying at the feet of Lord Rama.

About two weeks ago, my mother and I were invited to a Hanuman pooja (prayer ritual) at a friend's place down the road. It was a small gathering of just the family and us. Usually I would not go for these gatherings as though I am very spiritual, I am not religious and connecting with God for me is best done in silence and solitude.

But because my mother is unable to walk without help and she wanted to go, I accompanied her. It was a lovely pooja particularly since the primary deity was my Lord Rama.

Perhaps I was meant to go and the Universe conspired to do that. So why would the Universe conspire for this particular pooja? Because whenever I visit Mumabi I always visit the Hanuman Ghanteshwar (Bell) temple and because I love my Lord Rama.

People dedicate a bell to Hanuman when their wishes come true.  Hence it is called the Ghanteshwar (bell) temple

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  1. I wonder if the creators of It's A Wonderful Life borrowed from this - a bell every time an angel gets his wings.


  2. I had a similar post this week...

  3. I am sure your mother also appreciated your presence.

  4. Wow.. are those bells I see all across the pillars!? That's so awesome!

  5. What a lovely chance to go to your favorite temple while helping your mother. Seems like a win-win.

  6. wow!!! So all those bells signify fulfilled wishes? This temple is now in my to-be-visited list :)

  7. So many bells.... I must visit this temple when I am next in Mumbai! :)

  8. Beautiful and it must sound wonderful when the breeze rustles all those bells.

  9. I so enjoy the idea of a bell of appreciation to the gods for wish fulfillment. I may start a collection of bells of my own with that purpose in mind.

  10. Loved the pix, and got fascinated by the bells :)

    Glad to read your mom doing better, Suzy.
    Thanks for linking up :)

  11. Wow...I didn't know that people dedicate bells when their wishes come true...Interesting..Thanks for sharing Suzy and hope your mom is doing better...

    Random Thoughts Naba - A Confession, an Apology and perhaps Absolution Too?…...

  12. Sounds like a temple I may like to visit someday! Bell-towers look awesome. There is a special Hanuman temple in our area too. Many months ago I wrote about that temple (and a sort of a poem-prayer about this super-bhakta Lord) in a blog post of mine. Just in case you may like to go through that at some point....


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