Sunday, August 31, 2014


Glad that August is nearly over

It's been a tough month with my mother being unwell - felt the strain. Hoping that September is a better month.

Glad that I got through the August #FMSphotoaday challenge

So here's the final roundup of the challenge:

Style - I took this picture some years ago when I visited Mumbai. Weddings in India are always done in style and weddings always make me glad

Fragrant - A lovely camellia from my garden. It looks so much like a rose. Camellias bloom in Winter and on a cold, wet and windy, miserable day Camellias in my garden make me glad.

Mail - I took part in a gift exchange challenge with a group of bloggers. Had to send a gift and a handwritten letter. And here is the one I received. And what made this even more special was that Nandana who blogs at Cheerful Tornado sent through a picture with the words from a post on my blog. Was very glad to receive that. Thanks Nandana.  

Breakfast - My usual breakfast each morning, a cup of hot chai (Indian tea),  celery and fruit smoothie (apple, banana. strawberry, pear, ginger) and a slice of toast with spinach spread and cheese. Now that makes me so glad each morning.

Dull - A very dull day in Wellington. Dull days do not make me glad.

Travel - took this picture in Gujarat India some years ago. An interesting way to travel - a very slow amble and a lot of time needed but what a view he must have. Was glad I got a chance to take this picture

Dessert - Yummy desserts at Strawberry Fare in Wellington. Mine was a blackforest cake. Desserts make me very glad. 

Nearby - What's near you was the prompt and it was my TV. Was watching the news. A lot of the news did not make me glad, but watching some interesting programmes does make me glad. 

10am - At 10am this morning I was reading my book Rise of the Sun Prince on my ipad. The book is about the life of Lord Rama up to the point when he marries Sita. And my iphone wallpaper is of course my Lord Rama and Sita. My Beloved Lord Rama always makes me extremely glad. 

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  1. Beautiful shots. I hope your mother will be better soon. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  2. Hope your September is better. Get well wishes for Mom

  3. Sorry to hear your mother is unwell. Lovely gift and lovely meal, however.
    Have a nice week.

  4. Beautiful clicks... Hope you mother gets well soon!!

  5. wishing your mother a speedy recovery- loved your photos! Thanks for sharing them! Cheers!

  6. Hope your September is better!


  7. Thanks for linking up, Suzy.

    I pray your mom becomes well...Wishing her a speedy recovery!


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