Sunday, October 5, 2014

A few "L" words

Hail on a sunny Spring day?

We had hail yesterday on a sunny Spring day that wasn't actually all that cold. For about 10 minutes the sky turned grey and it suddenly got quite cool. And then just as suddenly as the hail came the sun came out again.

Lost for words so best to say it in pictures. Loved watching the hail even though it was pounding down quite hard and loud.

Life is unpredictable, like the Wellington weather.

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  1. So glad the hail did not cause any damage.

  2. Glad it was over quickly! It did leave a beautiful picture for you!

  3. It can be painful if you are caught in it, but it does leave a lovely scene for a few minutes

  4. Wow! Hail. I wouldn't mind having hail in our area right now. Our trees and plants would love it, well, okay, when it melts.

  5. Ah yes, you are moving into speing; flipped on this part of the world.


  6. Hi Suzy ~~ I think your weather might be typicical for the season for Wellington. We stopped there in January 2013. We walked from the Princess docks over to the museum in some extremely strong winds. Then we rode the tram up to the big hill top, looked around and walked down through the beautiful gardens and back over to the ship.
    I hope your hail didn't do damage to the flowers and plants in the garden.

    1. The wind had died done in a few hours, actually while we were up on the hill.

  7. Beautiful picture. Hail sounds exciting :)

  8. Wow! A blanket of white snow in the garden, so pretty!

  9. It's been really long since I have expeirenced a hail storm. The first picture is an absolute beauty :)

  10. I love Wellington and hail - although not necessarily at the same time. Wonderful shots.
    Visiting from Sunday's in my City (and my city is Auckland).

  11. Lovely musings. Heading into autumn, myself, so it's surprise snow rather than hail.

    SamuraiFrog, ABCW

  12. Life is really unpredictable, Suzy!

  13. Hail can really cause havoc. Glad it didn't for you. As it is, you got some great pictures! ♥

  14. We are heading towards rainfall and thunderstorms!

    Stay safe, Suzy!

    thanks for linking up :)

  15. Thanks Everyone and apologies for not replying individually. Truly appreciate your comments and visits <3


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