Sunday, March 20, 2016

Journaling - What's Your Style?

Journaling in so many different ways

When I was little and all through my teens I used to write journals. And I enjoyed writing them at the time. Then one day I took them all and tore them up. I don't regret that. They served their purpose at that time.

Then along came the computer and the written journals  morphed into electronic documents which then morphed into online journals in the form of vision boards and private blogs. But writing takes time and when I started my public blogs,  my private blogs faded into oblivion.

And then I discovered Art Journals and they are so much fun. I try to journal weekly about something that catches my eye or my thoughts.

So here is this week's journal entry

Just do it - you might wonder why I used the scales as part of the journal. Just do it applies to both my children. One acts impulsively and just does it and the other analyses and procrastinates so much that often you have to say Just do it.  Balance is the key - think before you act but don't think too long.

And here is some art work I did some weeks ago - the Japanese Collection.

Frags this week

I am reading Wayne Dyer's "I Cam See Clearly Now"  It's a great book and there is much to learn from it.

Last weekend I had a leaky tap that flooded my kitchen bench and the dining room carpet was soaked. I had the plumber and carpet cleaner in to sort out the mess. The new tap looks shiny and the carpet looks very clean. Thankfully there was nothing more serious than that.

At present New Zealand is voting to change the flag or keep the old one. The new flag is on the left and the current flag is on the right. Let's see what the people will vote for.

The weather has been very erratic. We had 2 very cold days and I had to bring out my winter coats and now it's so hot, I have my fan on.

Time for some ice-cream.

Have a great week.

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  1. It's so much fun to do and go back to the childhood days:)

  2. did so much in one week :)

    I absolutely loved your journaling idea, and I remember those golden olden days when I would write too. But, then lost interest when bro would peek into it now n then :P

    Absolutely loved your Japanese art. xoxo

    Change of a! That's such a debatable topic, and I guess I will let the country decide on it. Although, I liked the previous one and I also like the new design :)

    I remember having a leaky tap in my kitchen thus, could not use the kitchen sink for ~24 hours until repaired. I realized how imp it is when I had to go to the bathroom to clean everything :) Facilities sure ease man !!

    Always a pleasure to have you on board, Suzy!

  3. i indeed did.... on paper with a pen...

    for many years now on my pc because i type a lot easier and quicker... i still keep it secret by the way.. nobody is allowed to read it

    Have a nice ABC-wednesday-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  4. Lovely art work Suzy! I've never been good at crafty things but writing memoirs were something I had too. Many. I like the new flag but I also like the old one. Changing weather hurts. isn't it?

  5. Lovely art suzy :-).Beautiful creation.

  6. Great post. We too have a Happy Journal in our family !!!

  7. I have torn up my childhood journals too... and do not regret it anymore :) I loved the art journal... so apt for everyone!

  8. Art journals - something I haven't tried. Years ago my mother in law bought me a book with blank pages designed for art - I've never used it. In the United States, I could not imagine us changing our flag from the basic design. But, the New Zealand vote is intriguing - I heard about it several months ago. I do have a fondness for the silver fern decide but, of course, it is not my decision. Alana

  9. Art journals! Never tried that! But I loved yours. They are beautiful.
    I hope the weather is better now, Suzy. Take care.

  10. I journaled a lot in my 20s, but not much after that. But I've blogged since 2005, every day!

  11. Loved both your Japanese collection and Just do it art work too. I believe in just do it after a bit of thought :D I like the new option for the New Zealand flag.

  12. Art journalling is so much fun. I plan to get back to it next month.
    I like the new flag, it seems so much more Kiwi than the new one, which seems to be a handover from the British.

  13. Its not ony fun, but is also a great stress buster... Maybe I should grrom my seven year old into this..

  14. Love the flag on the write. I would love to do art journaling too, but I am not artistic. I guess I like painting with words. ;) I love using photos to journal. Canva is such a help now for That. I hope you will share this post on Literacy Musing Mondays.


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