Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lively Kites

Missed K so combining with L

I had the kites lined up for K but missed posting.  Kites were on my mind all of the week before and last week.

I knew I had some pictures tucked away for kites but couldn't find them. The Universe obviously wanted me to post on kites so while watching a movie on TV last week, a kite scene turned up.

Little kids playing - from the movie Pearl Harbour (taken from the TV) 

And then I found my my picture. Taken in Gujarat India some years ago
Little shop by the side of a road

And of course I had to paint kites but unfortunately all the paintings came out pretty bad.

Here is a thought I've been having on kites ..
Kites are a bit like life or shall I say life is like a kite
Its destiny lies in the hands of the one who holds its string but it has the free will to dance in the wind whichever way it wants to.

But enough on kites .. hope you all had a happy Easter. In NZ we had a 4 day weekend starting on Good Friday and ending on Monday. So we had 2 short work weeks. And yet it felt like a long week. I guess I had to pack in a lot in 4 days.

The clocks went back an hour today which means that it is now Autumn and Winter will be here soon. The weather has got cooler which is a blessing in some ways as it was a hotter than usual Summer and pretty dry too.

Following up from my previous post,  NZ voted to keep the current flag so no change.  It was quite close 921.876 for change and 1,208,702 to keep the current flag.   

Have a great week.

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  1. And in a combination you've managed well in posting K & L, well done!

    Have a nice abc-wednesday-dag / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-W-team)

  2. Kite flying was a big festival as a child while growing up in india :)

    Loved your posting for today!

  3. My Kiwi friend Arthur is thinking that the country should have had the vote on whether to be a republic first, THEN vote on the flag. In any case, THAT won't happen while QE2 is alive.


  4. I found your blog as I jumped from one book blog to another. "Suzy" was my childhood nickname. You are entering Autumn and I am trying to get out of Winter (It is actually Spring here in Northwest Ohio, but the snow was so blinding yesterday, driving a car became a hazard). Last year, Mother Nature went from a mild Winter straight into Summer weather.

    I love kites. Still, I have not flown one since I was a kid. You say you missed K. Are you doing the A to Z this month? I did that a couple of years ago. It was hard. I review children's books and doing a post/review a day (and finding the right lettered book, author, illustrator, or publisher was not always easy. I think I did a post on the toy Xylophone, with pictures, simply because X was impossible to find a book, etc. Good luck this month.

  5. Good combo of K and L. I liked the movie "Pearl Harbor." Did you enjoy it?


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