Sunday, January 21, 2018

Beehive Baby ... #SixWordSaturday #ABCWednesday #WordlessWednesday #OurWorldTuesday

Beehive Baby announced by NZ PM

Two days ago the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Arden announced that she was pregnant and her baby is due to arrive in June.

But that gives me an opportunity to post some Beehive pictures.

Parliament building known as The Beehive

Military parade at Parliament

Cabbage Trees in the Parliament grounds

Have a brilliant week.

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  1. Nice shots, Suzy! :) :) For some reason I was thinking beehive hairdo!

  2. "Beehive" is a perfect name for this place!
    Thanks for sharing at

  3. That's so cool about your prime minister. Congrats to her! That's a neat building. So creative.

  4. We don't get to the 'big cities' very often so I appreciate your photos.

  5. Oh, it is called beehive? How cool!

  6. Great pictures Suzy! Loved the Beehive building! Perfect name for an impressive structure!

  7. Oh it does look like a very symmetric beehive! Cool!

  8. Wonderful shot from Wellington. The beehive is such a cool looking building. I didn't remember the cabbage trees being there. Did you see Brenda Boyer's article in today's NZ Herald about our pregnant PM?

  9. I had heard of the news but never seen the parliament building. It sure looks like bee hive ;)
    Great shots, Suzy!

  10. Woa I didn't know it was called a beehive. Well it kinda resembles one 😊

  11. It is quite interesting to know a parliament building to be called Bee HIve and it is apt for the looks of it. Cabbage trees are new for me.

  12. Wow! Nice parliament building. Looks more interesting than ours!


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