Saturday, January 13, 2018

Alleviating Load ... #SixWordSaturday #ABCWednesday #WordlessWednesday

Alleviating load by de-cluttering is satisfying

I spent all of yesterday de-cluttering. It's amazing how much one collects over time.

So far I have 2 bags for re-cycling, 2 bags of junk, 2 bags of clothes for the Salvation Army.  And these are extremely large bags. Still plenty more to go.

white shopping bag gives a comparison of size

All in all an abosultely A-ok outcome.

And since garbage bags are not much fun, here is a picture of the Auckland Sky Tower hearlding the arrival of 2018.

Have an awesome week.

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  1. My turn soon. I have to be in the right frame of mind or I just wallow in memories. :) :)

    1. Yes true Jo, need to be in the load shedding frame of mind.

  2. I dunno. If I de-clutter, I might cease to exist!

  3. Wow, I am falling behind. I'd better start filling bags so I don't lose. (If I think of decluttering as a contest, I might actually do it, lol). (Oh, and as a distraction so I can catch up... my blog:

    1. Thanks Alice. Now that would really get a lot of us going.

  4. Old times were simple and easy... Thanks to advancement and an increase in consumption,we cling onto so many things and the best way is to de-clutter!

    1. Very true Meenakshi - too many things are available too easily.

  5. Oh I have so much of decluttering to do. The last time I did it well was in 2015 & I got rid of so many things. Boy I’m scared to even open the Pandora’s box:(

    1. It's true, decluttering does open up a Pandora's box.

  6. your six words are so true.. i put away clothes that i have not been using for years now (gently used) and finally decided that keeping them longer will not make me actually use them; so now they are all bagged too waiting for their trip to the donation center..
    loved that pic of the Auckland sky tower
    thank you for visiting my blog from both 6ws and abc wednesday

  7. De-cluttering exercise is therapeutic in many ways! The kind of satisfaction one derives once this exercise is over is unmatched.
    You have captured the essence so well in just 6 words! Decluttering of thoughts in action, I can say.

  8. I've been doing some serious decluttering, too. It's sort of a pain in the neck, but the end result is SO satisfying!
    Thanks for linking up at

  9. Your post and the fact that we just had Bhogi celebrations here in Tamil Nadu yesterday has now motivated me to do some serious decluttering - both of my inner and outer home :)

  10. Congrats for your effort & intention.
    Decluttering is in my list for long.
    Have been doing in phases. Miles to go.

  11. That's the second post I've read about decluttering. Time to get going with it. The fireworks look magnificent.

  12. I need to do some decluttering too. Too many stuffs that haven't been used in years. Glad you got things cleared 😊

  13. I have done some cleaning out and decluttering too, must be the new year thing :) Yesterday we went to the mall and bought some plastic drawer and cupboard organizers from a couple of newly opened shops.


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