Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday Challenge - Communication

Communication -  (Talking,  Sign Language,  Telephone,  Technology ...)
 is the topic this week at Thursday Challenge

I don't know why Dolphins kept "communicating" with me so I dug out some of my Dolphin pics from my Las Vegas trip some years ago.

Here are the Dolphins at the Mirage communicating with their trainers:



  1. Great pics! Dolphins are the friendliest of all beings. Reminded me of so long and Thanks for all the fish!!

  2. How interesting ! very nice interpretation of the theme !

  3. My son's crazy about dolphins... they look so graceful and friendly.. great pics.

  4. Dolphins are so smart! Great shots! Thanks for your visit on my blog! :-)

  5. Thanks Ruby, Gattina, Obsessivemom and Kati. I love dolphins too and I can watch them for hours.


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