Monday, December 5, 2011

Scenic Sunday - The 4 Plinths

The four plinths located outside the Te Papa - Museum of New Zealand in Wellington, New Zealand showcase temporary sculptures. The sculptures are changed every two years.

Here are the current ones by Peter Trevelyan "Mimetic Brotherhood" - four bulbous kinetic forms made from hinged and mirrored equilateral triangle that envelope the plinths. They are an ever-changing translation of their environment as the constantly shifting surfaces reflect the surroundings.

Information taken from The New Zealand Hearld.

They are quite large and look quite solid until you touch them. Didn't think much of them when I first looked at them, but they kind of grow on you. And they look quite good in the pic.


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  1. The photos are so cool and futuristic! And they're huge like some aliens are gonna emerge from it anytime :)

  2. I guess they might grow on you, they look like some sort of 21C Dalek at first glance to me :)

  3. Thanks Katya Kate and LindyLou.
    My first thought when I saw them was - "What on earth is this - they look absolutely awful" but they're quite interesting to watch how they change.

  4. interesting...tx for sharing...they've got some enthusiasm to be changing these every two years :)

    My Third Eye

  5. Thanks Rohit - the next lot comes in early next year so will look forward to that - something new to photograph yet again.

  6. They are an interesting set of sculptures and I'm sure they make for great conversation amongst tourists and locals alike.

  7. Thanks Joyful - they probably do!


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