Friday, December 2, 2011

Thursday Challenge - Doors

The Thursday Challenge  for this week is on "Doors" (House, Barn, Gate, Entrance, Cellars, Cars ...)

So here is my interpretation (click on pic to see a slightly larger version).

All pics taken on my various overseas holidays.

top row l to r: FAO Schwarz NY, Somebody's Wedding in Mumbai, Paris Hotel Las Vegas
mid row l to r: Gateway of India Mumbai, St Patrick's Cathedral NY, Tiffany & Co NY, Hyatt Hotel Anaheim LA
bot row l to r: Mummy Universal Studios, Entrance Universal Studios, Animal Planet Show Universal Studios.



  1. Great collection Suzy, I love photographing doors as well!

  2. These are all different kinds of doors ! what a selection !

  3. Wow! There sure are some fancy doors.


  4. Thanks Magiceye, LindyLou, Gattina, and Joyce.
    Something about doors - they are just so interesting.


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