Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fitting in

Feeling tired. Glad it's the weekend.

Quite a busy and hectic week. I'm not complaining as being busy is good. But I'm glad it's the weekend.   I feel a bit drained probably because I haven't been getting enough sleep. It's been so hot that I keep waking up.  I think I've decided I like the cooler weather a whole lot more. Cooler not colder :)

 This morning I thought a lot about my school friend.  She is my soul sister. I must've been picking up on her thoughts as I was thinking I must message her on Facebook. Then she posted an update that her hubby who is very ill has been moved to a nursing home. Please pray for him and send him positive and healing energy.  Thank you,

Some days ago someone said to me that he felt he just didn't fit in and that  he should make an effort to. I often felt that way too when I was little. His words prompted this entry in my art journal:

Why fit in when you were born to stand out 
~ Dr Seuss

Have a fabuloous week.

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  1. We could use summa dat heat up here, fer sure.
    School's on winter break, starting today. I'm off til March!! (Students think that they're the only ones who look forward to vacations, heh, heh, heh.)

  2. Fitting in always seemed very desirable when we were school age, Suzy. Not so shy of being individuals as we get older. Hope you have a nice gentle weekend, and I'm sorry about your friend.

  3. Hope you have a restful weekend.

  4. Dear Suzy

    You are a kind soul and as i join in to send healing vibes for your friend's better half; I also wish you mental peace.
    The art is beautiful and apt
    Pleasure to have you on board

  5. Wow! Loved the quote, Suzy! How we desperately keep trying to fit in, when in fact, we must strive to create an unique identity of our own and stand out of the crowd!

  6. Thanks for reminding us that it is really nice to stand out rather than merge seamlessly in a crowd. Hope you are less tired this coming week! I know the feeling- have been so busy that have had no time to blog!

  7. Prayers for your friend's better half. Love to you too !!!

  8. Prayers for your friend's family. Indeed why try to fit in... we all are unique and different ... why copy someone else :)

  9. Ohhh how sad for your friend, ofcourse i keep him in mind and prayers.

    Fitting in.... i quit doing that many years ago... at first is was difficult but now it feels fine. True friends remaned and thats all one needs.

    Have a nice abc-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  10. I spent my entire life trying to fit wherever I went and often struggled to for various reasons - my language, being of a different state etc.
    It is indeed when you embrace your uniqueness that things really become better :)

    P.S. It is pretty hot and humid here too compared to previous years. Wonder if that is a trend of what is to come.

  11. May your friend's husband get better soon!

    That quote is so true. Getting used to who we are is the right call any day. I need to tell that to myself. Thanks Suzy for the reminder.

  12. We try to fit in because it is far easier. Standing out takes effort! Beautiful art, Suzy! I pray your friend's husband recovers quickly. And yes, I prefer cool weather too - summer is just starting up here, far earlier than it should.

  13. it's good to have good FRIENDS


  14. Oh, in school we always strived to fit in, it's only when we age that we realize our own individuality and identity and have no qualms about being different and unique. Hope you had a good weekend, Suzy and keeping your friend's husband in my prayers.

  15. Dear Suzy. Hope you had a good restful weekend- sending warm thoughts your way:-)

  16. Weekends .. ah!!! blissful times in a week....


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