Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Indian festival of Dussehra

Today 6 October 2011 Indians celebrate Dussehra.  So Happy Dussehra to everyone.

Dussehra marks the day when the Lord Ram defeated the demon King Ravana. The battle took place for 10 days so Dussehra marks the 10th day (Dus = 10).

Preceding Dussehra Indians celebrate the festival of Navratri (Nav = 9 Ratri = nights). In Gujarat Navratri is celebrated with folk dancing of Raas - Garba

But more importantly, for me, according to the Indian calendar (lunar calendar) Dussehra is my mother's birthday and today she is 75 years old. Happy Birthday Mum.

Today we celebrate simply with offerings of sweets and flowers to the Gods at the temple and my mother will have the privilege of performing the Aarti at the temple.

Here is a pic of the offerings today for my mother's birthday.

Dussehra  Navratri  Raas  Garba  Aarti

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  1. Happy dusshera to you and a very veryhappy birthday to your Mom

  2. Thank you Sarmistha and Emreen. Hope your Dussehra was a good one and now we look forward to Diwali.

  3. Thanks for linking to the blog party !! Hope to see you linking in more and more entries ;-) ;-) ..!!

  4. You are welcome Emreen. Will definitely link in more entries. What a great idea and thanks for the party.

  5. Simply gorgeous!! :-)


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