Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Perpetual Christmas Tree

Plants, sad to say, just do not like me. No matter how hard I try, I just seem to destroy them.

Many years ago in my teenage years, my parents left me in charge of their beloved plants while they travelled. I followed every detailed instruction and yet the plants drooped. On the day they came back, Dad looked at the plants, watered them again and the next morning, they were bright and chirpy.  Hmmm. Maybe this is plant karma for me.

Then about 14 years ago a friend gave me a plant and somehow this plant has managed to flourish and survive with me. I think this is the only plant in the world that likes me.

I call this my Perpetual Christmas Tree (PCT) because I hang my cute little animal toys on it and when Christmas comes along, I'll add some glitter and make it sparkle. Maybe it likes that. Maybe that's why it thrives.

I think hanging these toys, brings out the kid in me. The kid loved it before but now thinks I'm a little nuts (don't you love it when they grow up!).

But I love looking at this plant - it's just so cheerful.

So here it is, my lovely PCT.

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  1. Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such beautiful comments!

    Great idea for having a perpetual christmas tree. For some reason,we don't have one at it procrastination or whatever. Am hoping this year we will get one...esp for my young daughters who have no idea what a christmas tree can do to a room!

    Now off to check your blog

  2. Thanks Reshma. The tree kind of evolved into a PCT one Christmas when we hung the toys and thought we would just leave them on. Best thing we did. Will look forward to pics of your tree.

  3. Love your tree and the soft toys in it... Agree that greens add freshness to any place... !!

    Thanks Suzy for linking to the blog party ( to see you in with more and more entries... The party is open up to 5th Jan 2012.. !!

  4. Thanks Emreen. Will link in my Diwali and Christmas posts when they're posted. Thanks for hosting the blog party.

  5. ha ha ha.. thats so lovely.. Suzy.. perpetual Christmas tree!! I'll have to nominate one as well... :-)


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