Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo Hunt - Point and Circles

This week's Photo Hunt Themes are Point  and  Circles.

Oh no was the thought that ran through my head.

And then as I went through some photos I found 2 absolutely perfect ones taken just over a year ago when I went down memory lane and visited my school again.

I wrote a post on my school on my other blog Someday Somewhere - Do-over recently. School must be on my mind!

Sandi's Photo Hunt  - Point

my friend pointing at a desk in our Standard (Grade) 9 classroom.

the school quadrangle - quite different from how we knew it.



  1. Both are very nice interpretations ! Indeed the school quadrangle looks different !

    1. Thanks Gattina. I think the quad looked nicer in our days.

  2. Great photohunt!
    Thanks for joining ~ see you next Saturday... and let's be LOUD.

    1. Thanks Sandi. Will try and be as LOUD as I can. lol.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ancient One and thanks for visiting.


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