Saturday, June 15, 2013

June photo a day - Day 15 - From Above

Unexpected trip to the airport today

Each Saturday morning my friend and I visit the fruit and vege market. Usually we leave at about 9.30am but today my friend's son was flying in from Auckland so we went early.

It was so cold. Winter has truly set in now. Our hands were frozen and we were chilled. So we went over to her place to have some nice hot tea and some yummy home made bread.

She was going to drop me home on her way to the airport to pick up her son, but we got chatting and lost track of the time. So instead we made a dash to the airport.

And that ties in very nicely for day 15 of the June Photo a day challenge - From Above

So here's a picture of the Wellington Airport taken from above from the balcony of another friend's  house in Roseneath.

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  1. That is a gorgeous view, Suzy! I could gaze at that all day!

  2. All those buildings around the body of water.Looks awesome! :)

  3. Beautiful. Just look at that sky!

  4. Hello Suzy,

    Well sometime the unexpected is really a good surprise and it was the case. Look at that picture, it's surely could be a gorgeous postcard. Lucky you, I don't think I could find yummy home made bread in Charles de Gaulle aeroport.

    Enjoy your saturday


  5. What a view! My uncle was stationed in NZ for many years. He loved it there!

  6. What a view! That really is amazing! Thanks! Enjoy the week ahead my friend!

  7. That is a gorgeous view. A beautiful location for an airport.

  8. NZ is one of the places I hope to visit...relatively soon!! So beautiful!!

  9. Superb! Now that's some view from above! Totally loved this pic!

  10. Spectacular view. Love this picture.


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