Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Photo a day - Day 18 , 19 - Street, Currently reading

June Photo a day challenge

I cheat a little as I missed yesterday - just too many things to do.

So here is day 18 - Street

It's supposed to snow the next few days so thought I would share a snowy street - taken in 2011 when it snowed in Welly.

Day 19 - Currently reading

I am not currently reading anything, but have just finished reading:

A truly great read. I absolutely loved this book. Paulo Coelho is an awesome author. 



  1. I use the desktop PC version of the Kindle reader. Digital books are a boon. So easy to carry around. And yes, Paul Coelho is great. Do you follow his blog? They often post short stories there which are fab.

    Love your snowy street, Suzy!

    1. Thanks Vidya. I agree - digital books are a boon. I have done a lot of reading since I got my iPad. I do follow PC's blog and I enjoy his short stories.

  2. The snowy street looks lovely. Yet to see one face to face :D
    I have read this book too.

    1. Thanks Shail. It looked so pretty but it was very very cold.

  3. Almost all titles are not allowed to be downloaded here from Amazon and kindle. It is so crazy. I don't mind ebooks at all. I want to see a snowy street too someday. Hopefully soon. :)

    1. Oh that's too bad Jyothi :( but I hope you see a snowy street.


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