Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Photo a day - 26-30

June photo a day

I have to cheat again as today is the last day ... a lot of pics to post

Day 26 - Empty

Here is one of my little trinket boxes that I collect.

Day 27 - Into the sun. Not quite sure what this prompt means but here is my interpretation of it

picture taken from my front door

Day 28 - Red - Post box at Cuba Mall. Wellington

Day 29 - In my bag. My kleenex tissues travel with me everywhere. And more often than not so does my iPad.

Day 30 - Handwriting. 



  1. :-) I know the feeling Suzy! I posted twice a day sometimes, but kept them separate.

    I just love that post box. Nice handwriting, too!


    1. Thanks Vidya. I think that post box is one of a kind.

  2. I like the view from your door. Superb!

    1. Thanks Shail. The views in welly are spectacular no matter where you go.

  3. I love the pictures - all of them. But I confess that the post box seems so appealing! Cuba street intrigues me - thanks to you! :)

    1. Thanks Corinne. Cuba street is an interesting place


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