Friday, June 21, 2013

June Photo a day - Day 20,21 - Cute and Lunch

June photo a day challenge

I was so tired yesterday I went to bed early. Little did I know what drama awaited around 1.00am

But before I get to that ..

Day 10 - Cute

I really didn't know what to post for cute - my kids were the cutest ever when they were young but I'm banned from posting their pics.

So instead will have to go with one of my favourite little teddy bears - the 2011 rugby bears.

As for day 21 - today - Lunch

I actually skipped lunch and then hurriedly had a banana. The electricity went out just after 1.00 am last night and the wind was gusting at gale force. I actually went in to work just to charge up my phone. 
There were trees and I mean massive trees toppled along the road, land slides, the weather was wild. 
I was so afraid the roof might blow off. So hurriedly finished whatever I could do at work and left to come home at 2.00pm. Completely forgot about lunch. Thank goodness the lights came on about an hour ago after 18 hours. We were freezing. But it's still blowing a gale. I hope the weather settles soon.



  1. Both are cute pictures. :) Hope the weather gets better soon.

    1. Thanks Jyothi - it is calm and sunny today - one would never have guessed we went through 60 hours of one of the wildest storms ever to hit Welly.


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