Thursday, July 12, 2018

Give Me Five ... #BarAThon

I am taking part in the Blog-A-Rhythm Bar-a-thon challenge. The theme can be anything that requires grit and endurance, but not necessarily fitness related. And there are daily prompts. 

So my theme is simple, it's a blogging marathon about things to do with me in pictures, starting at one and ending at seven. 

Today's prompt is Give Me Five ...

So here they are five bags from India. 

I love bags especially handloom ones from India. Whenever I visit, I come back with many many of these bags. 

Bags are my indulgence. My daughter on the other hand loves little coin purses and she's got quite a collection of those.

So high five to bags!

Check out some Day 5 posts for the #BarAThon.

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  1. These are so colourful and looks very pretty. Handloom bags are evergreen and trendy.

  2. These look gorgeous, Suzy. I too have a fab collection of handloom bags & no matter what my family says, I have a strange fetish for them. My daughter too flaunts her coin bags, one of which is as bright & beautiful as the ones in your picture!

  3. I love me some bags too. But, I like coin ones :) just like your daughter.

  4. Oh I love cole ting them too Suzy. Meet me next time you are in India, will let you dig through my collection 😊

  5. Oohh, those are some pretty bags you got there, Suzy! Nice collection!

  6. Lovely ones Suzy.. your collection each day amazes me


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