Friday, July 13, 2018

Six Minutes Of Fame ... #BarAThon

I am taking part in the Blog-A-Rhythm Bar-a-thon challenge. The theme can be anything that requires grit and endurance, but not necessarily fitness related. And there are daily prompts. 

So my theme is simple, it's a blogging marathon about things to do with me in pictures, starting at one and ending at seven. 

Today's prompt is Six Minutes Of Fame

For a few years now I have been interested in arts and crafts. Supplies are very expensive so I have been collecting them steadily over the years. So here are six of my art supplies that I enjoy using. 

Watercolour is my favourite medium. I have five sets of watercolour paints, all of course student grade as artist grade are very expensive. For the type of painting I do, student grade is good enough.

I was introduced to Inktense by my friend who is also an artist and paints primarily in acrylics and oil. She was kind enough to lend me her inktense pencils as a trial and I enjoyed using those hence I ordered the inktense blocks. 

I use acrylics for mixed media painting and journalling. Acrylics are not my favourite medium but I do enjoy using them. I have only 1 box of acrylic paints that has lasted a long time so obviously I don't use them as much as my watercolours.

I was intrigued with watersoluble crayons and when the Crayola Portfolio set went on sale at a throwaway price on Amazon, I promptly ordered them. Pleasantly surprised, this is a medium I could grow to love. 

Lately I have started vlogging about my artwork and crafts and I am truly enjoying the vlogging experience. Check out some of my art and craft vlogs -  

I also vlog on other subjects - check out my vlog posts on my blog Someday Somewhere

Here is a quick look at my watercolour painting vlog.

On my youtube channel

And where does the prompt fit into all of this? Well, my YouTube stats tell me that I have had 165 views and 164 minutes of watch time. So perhaps I've already had my six minutes of fame!

What is your six minutes of fame? Share in the comments.

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  1. This is one of the most interesting takes on the prompt. And my dear Suzy, you deserve much more than six minutes of fame for those amazing vlogs.

  2. That was a surprise take on the prompt. I was wondering how you were going to fit the prompt in as I was reading. Good article. I am not a vlogger yet mainly because I don't have much to vlog about :))

    Here is my 6th #barathon post

  3. I love your vlogs. I don't have any moment of fame really... quite an ordinary life

  4. I love painting and the colours you used to draw that beautiful greeting card. Your video is very inspiring and i would love to see more of it

  5. 165 views and 164 minutes is pretty awesome, Suzy. The other day, I saw another video of yours on Facebook and found it so fascinating. And this water colour painting is lovely too! You are so creative!!

  6. Wow the water colour sets had me drooling; they all look so gorgeous. And that vlog is amazing- you are such a pro at this Suzy

  7. Not a artist but your collection looks amazing Suzy..

  8. Vlogs are also appealing and you made it so interesting. I also liked to paint when in college then gradually other things came in between. After reading your interests i want to start again.


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