Sunday, November 20, 2011

NaBloPoMo 20 - PhotoHunt - Wet, Rain

This week's PhotoHunt theme is Wet / Rain so here are my pics for the theme and it's the perfect day to post this one as it is absolutely bucketing down here in Wellingon. It's cold, wet and windy.

Carter Fountain at Oriental Bay, Wellington

Midland Park Fountains, Wellington
Nga Korerorero - Ongoing Talk.
Quite apt as this park is always full of people chatting to each other.

On one of my trips overseas, we had a 12 hour halt in Singapore. So we took a city tour conducted from the airport. It was an extremely rainy day so the pictures didn't turn out good, but perfect for this theme. So here are my Singapore pics taken from the bus on a very rainy day.


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  1. Fantastic collection for the theme, love the ones taken from the bus.

  2. Lovely shots of the rain in Singapore and the scenery in the first shot.

  3. Wow, a 12-hour stopover. I think my longest was 8-hours. :D Nice collection of the photos. My Wet/rain post

  4. Your photos fit the theme. I love the ones taken from a bus. Excellent photos where we can count the droplets of rain.

  5. Very nice collection. The fountains are very unique! Thanks for visiting mine and hope you are having a good weekend.

  6. I really like your Wellington waterfall shots.

    Re your Singapore experience: I would be upset if it rained so much on a holiday visit to a foreign country... but it seems that you determined to make the best of it by taking photos even of the rain! ;b

  7. These are all fantastic shots for the wet theme.

  8. I love your photos. They fit the theme so well.
    Thanks for visiting my photo blog. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Thanks Everyone
    @YTSL - I was transiting through S'pore and the city tour even in the rain, was definitely more interesting than the airport.
    @Raine - I hate rushing around at airports particularly when travelling with kids. the choice was 1.5 hrs or 12 hrs.

  10. @Annie - my daughter calls those fountains twisted matchsticks and a friend called them drooping buds. they are quite unique.

  11. We're having lots of rains nowadays, especially in the afternoons.Come back when the rainy season's over and you'll get more beautiful pictures of the same places you shown here.

  12. The droplets pictures are very nice!

  13. Thanks Jama and Ruby.
    @Jama - I would love to visit Singapore again - I have many relatives there and visited often when I was a kid. My last long visit was in 1988 and S'pore I know has grown so much since then.


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