Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NaBloPoMo 09 - Wordless Wednesday - Grazing


  1. I too like photography. You did a nice job capturing the serenity of the scene. It popped out at me from the linky site!
    I'd love to have you check out my site. I'm at:

  2. NaBloPoMoooooooo!What a lovely scene - careful where you tread!

  3. It seems a painting. Thanks for sharing.

    Roberto, Rio de Janeiro.

  4. Beautiful. My WW is up too.

    Is that a pic of NZ? I'm from Auckland.

  5. Lovely peaceful countryside photo. I really like what you say in your header about photography!

  6. Thanks Everyone for the nice comments.
    @Kathy - your photos are so beautiful. thanks for posting your link.
    @Jewels - I didn't look at it that way but yes it does look serene.
    @Keith - I thought I'd give NaBloPoMo a try but really have to be quite disciplined with that. It is fun though. Yes careful where we tread lol.
    @Roberto - thanks. it's amazing how different people see different things.
    @KB - Yes this is in Welly, NZ. Our NZ is so beautiful I love to showcase it.
    @Sallie - thanks. each photo brings back a memory and a moment in time. We are so lucky we can place them on a blog and share.

  7. moo..moo...I have some rural scenes this week, but no animals

  8. hi Caite, your rural scenes are lovely.


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