Saturday, November 19, 2011

NaBloPoMo 19 - FMTSO - Symmetry

This week's challenge for Friday My Town Shoot Out is Symmetry.

And Dunedin, New Zealand turned out to be a place full of symmetrical buildings, gardens etc.  Good opportunity to showcase Dunedin, another beautiful and spectacular city in New Zealand.

So here are my pics taken some years ago. (click on pics to enlarge)

St. Paul's Cathedral

Dunedin Town Hall

A part of the Octagon, the city centre of Dunedin.

Entrance  to the Dunedin Botanic Gardens

Inside the Dunedin Railway Station

Stain Glass Window inside the Dunedin Railway Station

Grand Ballroom, Larnach Castle

Laburnum Arch and Green room, Larnach Castle grounds.

Also check out my post on Larnach Castle 'cos that's pretty symmetrical too!



  1. Grand Ballroom, Larnach Castle: You went there,in 2000, when we went , ti was too late and close, my kids felt going there was like going to a haunted castle.

  2. fantastic!! I love the Grand Ballroom of the castle. all are great shots for this theme.

  3. Very nice shots! Love the beautiful railway station!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Happy weekend****

  4. It's so long since I visited Dunedin, I can't even remember when it was. But I remember Larnach Castle was a highlight. Love the shot of the ballroom! And I think the last shot is fantastic, too.

  5. I've visited Dunedin once, years ago...and these pictures bring back so much memories of the beautiful Dunedin we saw.

  6. Thanks Everyone.
    @Ann - have to admit, some parts of the castle were quite creepy.
    @Doreen - the ballroom was quite grand.
    @Mildred - the railway station is a really beautiful building with lots to see inside.
    @Pauline and @Jama - Dunedin is a really beautiful city. And the views from Larnach Castle are just astounding. I'd love to go there again.


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