Friday, November 4, 2011

NaBloPoMo 04 - Thursday Challenge - Protoplasm

Sculptures are sprinkled all over my city. Strange that until I walked around with my camera I never noticed them.

I've often wondered why these sculptures were set up in the city.  Apparently;
These art works came into being due to the shared vision of individuals, government agencies, and corporations who value the relationship of art and city, to brighten the lives of its citizens. (Taken from Wellington a city for Sculpture)

So here is a sculpture titled Protoplasm.

Protoplasm definition from Wikipedia - Protoplasm
Protoplasm is the living contents of a cell that is surrounded by a plasma membrane. It is a general term of the Cytoplasm (cell membrane).

The thing that came to mind when I first saw it was M&Ms. But it's quite interesting to see "Protoplasm" bend and sway in the wind. This photo is taken on a relatively calmer day.

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  1. M&M's on a stick. Cool shot of an interesting sculpture.


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