Sunday, November 13, 2011

NaBloPoMo 13 - PhotoHunt "Two"

I got a lovely surprise from Pauline at The Paddock as she gave me a "Liebster" award for my blog. Thank you so much Pauline.

Some days ago I also got another award from Julie at The World of Julie B and as that makes two - it's also perfect for this week's theme at  PhotoHunt  - "Two".

I will add some pics on the theme, but first the Liebster award.

The award is given to blogs with "good content" with fewer than 200 followers and that warrant more support. The award rules are:
  1. Show your thanks to those who gave you the award by linking back to them - Thanks so much Pauline
  2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
  3. Post the award on your blog
  4. Enjoy the love and support of some wonderful people on the www. Keep posting, connecting and being positive.
So here they are my top 3 picks 
(Apologies, but I struggled to find 5 after awarding 15 a few days ago, some are award free, some are over 200  and some don't show their following).
  1. Julie at The World of Julie B - I love reading Julie's posts - so much variety and they are short and interesting. Julie truly deserves a much larger following. 
  2. Nanka at Quills - I discovered this blog through haiku linkys and absolutely love the poems and pictures here. Love the name of the blog too - Quills is so apt for this blog.
  3. Renee at Living Laughing and Loving  - I'm a new follower of this blog and Renee has nearly reached her 200 followers, but I think her blog is great.  Each time I link in one of my posts to all those creative linkys, I hunt around for those that write and read up on Renee's. Have followed some of her tips too and her instructions are great.
Once again, thanks to Pauline and Julie for my "two" awards on this blog. And here they are for the PhotoHunt theme

And now for the other "Two"s

Two from the Wellington Zoo

two Wallabies

two Giraffes

two Zebras

And some fun ones
two birthday cakes and two knives - we recently celebrated my mother's 75th and my daughter's together

Two ever so cute Rugby bears - from the 2011 Rugby World Cup. NZ is still basking in the glory of being World Champions in Rugby so here is my contribution (among my many other posts) to the Awesome All Blacks.

two sets of two carp fish decorations

Also See Better Together


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  1. watched last night, that they brought wallabies in to the wild, and you can actually hunt for them.

    You like living in Wellington?

  2. Hi Ann, didn't know about wallabies in NZ - that's sad to hunt them. Yes I love living in Wellington. I think it's the most beautiful city - big but not too big and the hills around Wellington are so lovely.

  3. congrats on the awards and lovely pics for the theme.

  4. Great choices for two. I like the variety of different animals in two's.

  5. Cool pics -- and congrats on New Zealand winning the Rugby World Cup. :)

  6. A wonderful collection of TWOs! Congratulations on your awards.

  7. Beautiful series of two. Thanks for sharing and the visit. Happy Sunday!

  8. Love your 'twos', especially the giraffes. And two awards - well done, you!

  9. Thanks Everyone.
    @Pauline - special thanks to you for making my awards "two".

  10. Congratulations on getting the two awards! I really like your pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Thanks also for visiting my photo blog. Have a wonderful week!

  11. Thank you for visiting and congrats on the award too. Luv the collection of twos. :D

  12. Thanks LivingforGod and Raine

  13. Thanks so much for the award!!! So glad you are enjoying the DIY blog design tips! I am really enjoying writing them! :)

  14. You are welcome Renee. The "Suzy" on this page was created via your instructions. :)


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