Saturday, November 12, 2011

NaBloPoMo 12 - FMTSO - The Letter A

I spent the day with my friend last week - just catching up on things. I roped her into looking out for the letter "A" and we found a whole lot of them.

So here are the As for and in ...

At the mall:

ASB Bank

At the wharf:
All Blacks

And then we went drove to the airport

On the way
 Airport, Strathmore, Seatoun


 All Blacks

At the Airport - great fun to visit the airport - you can shop or have a meal and coffee and watch the planes land and take off.

Wild at Heart Wellington Airport


Air New Zealan
Crazy About Rugby

Operated by Air Nelson Ltd

(click on pics to enlarge)


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  1. isn't it boring now without the rugby? My students asked is there no more rugby when we stopped talking about rugby in school.

  2. So true Ann. It was so much fun. I watched every game.

  3. Lovely collection of photos! I love going to airport too, to eat, shop and people watch plus watching the planes too.

  4. Love the all black plane - I haven't seen that one! You found some great As. Can you please check my latest post - I have a surprise for you!

  5. Thanks Jama - the airport is great fun and yes people watch can be quite interesting sometimes. I once met the NZ Cricket Team (black caps) they were on the same plane as me.
    Thanks Pauline - the surprise is phenomenal. Thank you so much. Apparently the All Black plane was the one the ABs travelled in or so I understand.

  6. "Go The All Blacks!" I had to re-read that one before I remembered that it's a famous rugby team, the grammar of that sentence is good!
    You sure found a lot of a's!

  7. Thanks Kerry - and the All Blacks were all go as they are the world champions. So proud to be kiwi.


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