Thursday, November 24, 2011

NaBloPoMo 24 - ABC Wednesday - S is for

S is this week's letter at ABC Wednesday

Snow covered mountains in Sepia for Sepia Scenes

Sea, Sand and Seagull

Stained glass window at the Dunedin Railway Station

Socks - On 30 June this year I volunteered to peg some red socks to break the world record for the longest clothesline of socks.

It was sponsored by the Sir Peter Blake Trust and Westpac.

We were pegging those socks in the howling wind, horizontal rain and the cold. But efforts paid off. We did it. A new world record.

Check it out at Red Socks World Record

Also check out my other ABC post on Someday Somewhere



  1. did you watch the docu of Peter Blake
    s widow? Before I read your commentary, I thought, hmmm, wonder if it is about Peter Blake.

  2. No Ann, I missed that. But it's great that we keep his memory alive in many ways.

  3. photos may be fun...but this is seriously good work in the first pic! the sepia looks so good, esp for the sky!

    My Third Eye

  4. Don't like snow, but love seagulls and the sea !

  5. Such lovely photos! The mountains look absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing these Suzy.

  6. Thanks Rohit - I'm thrilled to read that from someone who photographs so well.
    Thanks Gattina - we got the snow first time in 50 odd years - was so exciting.
    Thanks Alex - yes, the snow made everything look completely different. It was so beautiful.

  7. Your sepia snow and seaside seagull are wonderful contrasts, as well as perfect S photos! (Making the snowy mountain sepia-toned was a particular stroke of genius!) I love stained glass windows, and don't believe I've ever seen one of a train before! Congratulations on your new world record for socks on a clothesline, especially in such adverse weather conditions. What became of all those red socks when it was over? Perhaps a few of them will be hung up by the chimney with care soon. :-)

  8. all nice shots, but if I were to pick one, it'd be the SEPIA SHOT!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. Thanks Laloofah and Roger. I love the Sepia shot too.
    @Laloofah - I think they gave away the socks to volunteers but I didn't stick around for that.


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