Friday, November 18, 2011

NaBloPoMo 18 - Thursday Challenge - Books

This week's theme for the Thursday Challenge is Books. So I thought I'd make this personal and share some books around my house and that mean something to me.

A partial collection of my Reader's Digest Condensed books. I love this series as they have an amazing collection of books. I love to read and when I was younger like in my teens and twenties, books were truly my best friends. I could pick up any book and read it. Now patience wears thin with some and so these condensed books are just perfect. The other books shown in the pic are the full "Mahatma" series on the life of Mahatma Gandhi, gifted to my father by the author who was a close friend of his.

My favourite cook books. Not grand but very functional and quick.

One of my favourite books. This book summed up the meaning of life for me. 
Love the book, loved the movie too.

Check out my post Book 'Em - quite appropriate for this theme and my Haiku on Books


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